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Theory and research regarding psychological issues related to gender and cultural diversity. These issues will be approached from different perspectives within psychology, including clinical, developmental, social, health, and cognitive psychology. Prerequisite: PSYC 1315. Offered as PSYC 3313 and WOMS 3313; credit will be granted only once.

Psychology - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Psychology offers two programs of study leading to the bachelor's degree. It also offers courses of interest to the general public.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

...psychological research. Prerequisite: PSYC 5406. PSYC 6349. PSYCHOMETRIC...Prerequisite: CSE 2320, MATH 3313. CSE 5368. NEURAL...

Kinesiology - Undergraduate Programs

...Coaching Invasion Games KINE 3313 Coaching Net/Wall...APPLICATION IN MOTOR DEVELOPMENT ). PSYC 3318 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY...