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The Office of Admissions handles over 70,000 applications per year to the university's graduate and undergraduate programs.  Admission to the university is open to qualified applicants regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, age, national origin or educationally unrelated handicaps.  Once applications are received by the office, the applicant will be notified of the documents which must be submitted in order for an assessment to be made and admissibility determined.  Determination of admission is made in the academic department for graduate applicants while undergraduate student's admissibility is determined by the Office of Admissions based on approved university admissions requirements.  Students are notified of the admissions decision both by email and by a letter to the home address.

The department seeks to encourage life-long learners to become partners in the educational enterprise and provide a seamless transition throughout the application and enrollment process.

UTA does not admit incarcerated students. A student is considered to be incarcerated if serving a criminal sentence in a federal, state, or local penitentiary, prison, jail, reformatory, work farm or similar correctional institution (whether it is operated by the government or a contractor). A student is not considered to be incarcerated if in a half-way house or home detention or is sentenced to serve only on weekends.

Graduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions