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Degree Requirements

General Core Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Graduate Degree Requirements

Students are responsible for requesting the preparation of a degree plan through their departmental academic advisor during the semester following admission to a degree program. No deviation from a degree plan will be allowed except with the written approval of the departmental advisor. Students should follow the graduation procedures described in the Graduation section of this catalog in order to be eligible for degree conferral.

Each student must complete degree requirements in accordance with the Catalog in force at the time the student entered the program in which the degree will be awarded or, at the student's option, the catalog of any subsequent year in which the student was in residence. If a student chooses to complete degree requirements in accordance with the catalog of a year subsequent to that in which he/she entered the degree program.

Please note that changes in University regulations and policies become effective for all enrolled students in the year for which the catalog is in force, regardless of the year of initial enrollment. Thus, students may choose to satisfy degree requirements specified in an earlier catalog, but all must observe University regulations and follow graduation procedures prescribed in the Catalog in force in the intended semester of graduation.