University Catalog

Graduate Education

Mission and Philosophy

The goal of graduate study is to develop a student's potential for original research, scholarship, creative expression and teaching in his or her chosen field of endeavor. Graduate study actively involves students in research, creative and scholarly pursuits that foster acquisition of factual knowledge and professional skills in an environment that values and promotes discovery, innovation, and the spirit of creative scholarship. Ultimately, graduate study prepares students to become important contributors to and intellectual leaders of their disciplines.

History and Overview

Graduate study at the University of Texas at Arlington began in 1966 with the initiation of six master's degree programs. Doctoral degree programs were added in 1969 with a Ph.D. in engineering. Today, the selection has expanded well beyond the engineering department. Numerous graduate programs offered across 46 academic departments grant prospective students the opportunity to pursue wide variety of master’s and doctoral degrees. Many of these departments also offer certificate programs for those seeking to enhance their professional skills and opportunities.                                                                                                                     

Graduate School Website

The Graduate School offers/assists with:

Students and faculty  are encouraged to visit the Graduate School website at to locate important information about graduate programs and to learn about support resources that help students hone critical skills which lead to academic and professional success.  

Administration of the Advanced Degree Programs

Graduate Dean

The Dean of Graduate Studies works advises  Academic Deans,  Graduate Advisors, Committees on Graduate Studies, the Graduate Assembly and Faculty and Staff regarding academic regulations, processes and procedures pertaining to graduate education and provides programming and other forms of support that support the academic and professional success of graduate students.

Academic Deans

Academic deans oversee and regulate graduate program practices taking place in their colleges or schools.

Committees on Graduate Studies

Each graduate program is governed by a Committee on Graduate Studies. The committee is composed of all full members of the graduate faculty in that program. Graduate faculty from allied fields may serve on the committee, when appropriate. In an interdepartmental program, the Committee on Graduate Studies is appointed by the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Curricula.

Graduate Advisors

Each graduate program has a Graduate Advisor. The Graduate Advisor represents the academic dean of the college  and the departmental Committee on Graduate Studies in matters pertaining to advising graduate students in their academic areas. The Graduate Advisor's functions include clearing of students for registration, acting upon requests for drops, adds, section changes and special examinations; maintaining graduate student records; and advising graduate students about their degree plans.