Official University Academic Calendar 2021-22

The academic calendar is a source for information about notable dates, including registration timelines, final exam dates and student holidays/campus closings.

Below is a general calendar for regular sessions in the 2021-22 academic year. Specific calendars such as grade report schedules and dynamic course dates can be found on the UTA website in the calendar section of the Office of the Registrar.

Summer 2021


Date Description
Apr. 5 (2021) Registration begins for Summer 2021 & Fall 2021 terms

Full Session

Date Description
May 16 Registration Ends for Summer 14 Weeks
May 17 - 18 Late registration
May 17 First day of classes
May 31 Memorial Day Holiday
June 7 Census Date
June 12 Last day to drop classes; submit requests to advisor prior to 4:00pm
Aug 12 Last day of classes
Aug 16 & 17 Final exams
Aug 18 Commencement ceremony

Summer Sub-Sessions

Fall 2021

 Regular Session

Date Description
Aug. 24 Registration Ends for Fall Term (Regular Session)
Aug. 25 - Aug. 30 Late registration
Aug. 25 First day of classes
Sept. 6 Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 10 Census date
Nov. 5 Last day to drop classes; submit requests to advisor prior to 4:00pm
Nov. 24 No classes scheduled
Nov. 25 - Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 7 Last day of classes
Dec. 8 Student Study Day (no classes)
Dec. 9 - Dec. 15 Final exams
Dec. 16, 17 & 18 Commencement ceremonies

Fall Sub-Sessions

Spring 2022


Date Description
Nov. 8 (2021) Registration begins for Spring 2022 term

Regular Session 

Date Description
Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Registration ends for Spring Term - Regular Session
Jan. 18 First day of classes
Jan. 18 - Jan.21 Late registration
Feb. 2 Census date
Mar. 14 - Mar. 20 Spring break
Apr. 1 Last day to drop classes; submit requests to advisor prior to 4:00pm
Apr. 4 Registration begins for Summer 2022, Fall 2022 & Spring 2023
May 3 Last day of classes
May 4 Student Study Day (no classes)
May 5 Final exams
May 12, 13 & 14 Commencement ceremonies

Spring Sub-Sessions

Additional resources

In addition to the sessions above, for more detailed information pertaining to winter, summer and other sessions, view the complete academic calendar here.