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Students will perform experiments that build mastery in standard laboratory techniques and illustrate theoretical concepts related to organic synthesis and quantitative analysis methods. Students will continue to develop their mastery of analysis through an introduction to the acquisition and statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, acquired in the context of a series of guided inquiry design and synthesis projects. Syntheses may involve small molecules, polymers, and materials designed to perform specific functions. Students will continue to develop their communication and group work skills by sharing independent data and critical feedback with peers. Additionally, laboratory exercises will involve basic titrimetric, spectrophotometric, and chromatographic methods. Prerequisite: CHEM 1442/CHEM 1342 and CHEM 1182 or equivalent with a grade of C or better. Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment or previous credit in CHEM 2321 and CHEM 2335. Students must remain enrolled in at least one of CHEM 2321 and CHEM 2335 beyond the mid-semester date to remain enrolled in CHEM 2283.