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The course covers, at an operational level, three topics: 1) the univariate linear model, including a self-contained review of the relevant distribution theory, basic inference methods, several parameterizations for experimental design and covariate-adjustment models and applications, and power calculation; 2) the multivariate linear model, including basic inference (e.g. the four forms of test criteria and simultaneous methods), applications to repeated measures experiments and power calculation; and 3) the univariate mixed model, including a discussion of the likelihood function and its maximization, approximate likelihood inference, and applications to complex experimental designs, missing data, unbalanced data, time series observations, variance component estimation, random effects estimation, power calculation and a comparison of the mixed model's capabilities relative to those of the classical multivariate model. Knowledge of the SAS package is required. Prerequisite: MATH 5358/STATS 5358 (Regression Analysis) or equivalent.