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Basics of topology, Fundamental groups, covering spaces, VanKampen's Theorem, categories and functors, singular homology, relative homology, Mayer-Vietoris sequence, cohomology, cup products, the cohomology ring of a space, CW complexes. Prerequisites: MATH 3321, MATH 3335.

Mathematics - Graduate Programs

Develo p the students’ ability to do independent research and prepare them for more advanced studies in mathematics. Provide advanced training and preparation for professional careers as  mathematicians, mathematics teachers, and those employed in engineering, scientific and business fields.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Undergraduate Programs

...Engl 1301, Math 1426, Math 2425, Math 2326...only as follows. AE 5326 AIR-BREATHING PROPULSION...

Electrical Engineering - Graduate Programs

...Electrical Engineering Department in math, science and engineering...5324 EE 5325 EE 5326 EE 5327 EE...