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This course serves to introduce the basic concepts of calculus to middle level teachers. The primary goal is to help teachers develop a fundamental understanding of the key mathematical ideas in calculus in order to broaden their mathematical perspective and gain insight into the topics in the middle level curriculum which are related and foundational to its development. Participants will develop conceptual knowledge of the processes of differentiation and integration, and understanding of their applications and an understanding of the relationship between the two processes. Prerequisite: C or better in MATH 4350. This course does not count toward a degree in mathematics.

Mathematics - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics. The Bachelor of Science degree may also be acquired with the explicit addition of one of these options: actuarial science, applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, data science, or secondary teaching pathway.

Kinesiology - Undergraduate Programs

...History, Biology/Life Science, Math, Modern Language, Health...OBESITY & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT KINE 4351 ETHICAL PRACTICES IN...