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Explores the ethical, historical, literary, philosophical, and religious dimensions of medicine or health. Includes instruction in art, cultural studies, economics, ethics, history, literature, medical anthropology, philosophy, religion and spiritual thought, science and technology, visual art, and writing.

Philosophy, Classics, and Humanities - Undergraduate and Certificate Programs

A major in philosophy is built on the central texts in the history of Western thought. Philosophy focuses on the perennial problems raised by the encounter of human beings with their history, culture, and the world. It emphasizes methods of analysis and clarity of argumentation. Students who major in philosophy have the broadest possible preparation in the liberal arts.

Medical Humanities and Bioethics

Medical humanities is an interdisciplinary program that explores the historical, literary, philosophical, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of medicine and health. It Includes instruction in the visual arts, social sciences, narrative medicine, cultural studies, and clinical practice. There is a common focus on creative and compassionate approaches to professional relationships and patient care.