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Restricted to students in the UTeach Arlington program. Principles of delivering effective instruction in various formats (lecture, lab activity, collaborative settings); examination of gender, class, race, and culture in mathematics and science education; overview of policy related to mathematics and science education. Three lecture hours a week for one semester with additional fieldwork hours to be arranged. Prerequisite: C or better in SCIE 1202 or C or better in SCIE 1334; C or better in EDUC 4331 or concurrent enrollment.

Modern Languages - Undergraduate Programs

...of a well-rounded education. In today's...4316 , SPAN 4330 , SPAN 4332 or SPAN 4339...


...acceptable score on the Educational Testing Service Graduate...or Russian 4331 and 4332, or equivalents. The...

Psychology - Undergraduate Programs

...a broad liberal arts education with a concentration...3334 Cognitive Processes PSYC 4332 Theories of Human...