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DASC 5301. DATA SCIENCE. 3 Hours.

This inspirational course follows a data-science-for-all perspective that views data acumen as part of literacy. It aims to instill in students the data acumen, i.e., the basic skills to wrestle with data, to draw insights from data, to make sound decisions responsibly using data, and to effectively communicate about data-driven findings and decisions. Topics include 1) data management: data curation, preparation, model, and querying; 2) data description and visualization: exploratory data analysis, graphics, user interface and user experience design; 3) machine learning and knowledge discovery: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, pattern and knowledge extraction, deep learning, model evaluation and interpretation. Prerequisite: MATH 1301, or MATH 1302, or MATH 1308, or MATH 1426, or equivalent and permission of advisor.

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UTA’s Master of Science degree in Data Science helps meet the growing need for data science professionals in STEM, health-related and other fields, expanding students’ marketable skills and preparing them to enter a fast-growing job field.