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A study of general federal income tax principles such as income, deductions, losses and property transactions. The principles of individual taxation will be covered as well as an overview of tax considerations for entities such as corporations and partnerships. Prerequisite: ACCT 5301 with a grade of C or higher.

Accounting - Graduate Programs

The objective of the Master of Professional Accounting, the Master of Science in Accounting, and the Master of Science in Taxation degree programs is to prepare students for professional careers in the public, private, or governmental sector. As a part of this objective, these programs are designed to provide the educational background to become a Certified Public Accountant or to attain other professional certifications. The MPA program, appropriate for students without significant prior study in accounting, is also designed to provide an understanding of selected fields such as management, finance, economics, and business law. The MS in Accounting and MS in Taxation are more specialized degrees which build on the individual's prior background in accounting and business-related subjects.