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Introduces screening and diagnostic instruments and techniques appropriate for determining whether a substance use disorder might exist. Explores the therapeutic alliance and practice engagement techniques taking into account intersections of race, gender, sexuality, age, educational level, and other aspects of identity. Students learn to assess suicide risk and a client's readiness for change. Students learn to diagnose substance use disorders and recognize intoxication, withdrawal, substance, and medication induced disorders. Offered as SUT 3318 and SOCW 3318. Credit will be granted only once. Prerequisite: Prerequisite OR Corequisite: SUT 3315 or SOCW 3315.

Substance Use Treatment Minor

What:  The  Minor in Substance Use Treatment (SUT)  employs a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the biological, psychological, and social, aspects of substance misuse, gambling, and related behaviors.  Assessment and treatment methods are based on evidence-informed practices to enable students and future professionals to understand and treat individuals, families, groups, and communities.