Anthropology Undergraduate Programs


The principal common educational objective in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology is to develop a systematic understanding of social behavior, human culture, and social institutions. Knowledge of human social and cultural relationships is vital to a meaningful perspective on and understanding of the society in which we live. Contemporary societies are characterized by diversity, rapid change, complex organization, and extensive specialization. Programs of study in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology pursue the challenge of:

  1. creating and disseminating general knowledge that will render this world more understandable and
  2. providing an educational base for more effective and humane planning and social intervention in society.

Each of the programs of study relates to this general objective in a somewhat different manner. Students are encouraged to visit with the faculty and learn more about the programs offered in the department.


A program of study in anthropology has the objective of grounding students in three main subfields of anthropology: cultural anthropology (the comparative analysis of human lifeways around the world), archaeology (the systematic analysis of the material remains of past cultures), and physical anthropology (the study of humans as a biological species). The program prepares students both for graduate work in anthropology and for many careers in which anthropological perspectives and training are useful.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology

University Core Requirements

College of Liberal Arts Requirements

8 hours in the same modern or classical language (first-year college-level: 1441, 1442)

Anthropology Program Requirements




One approved ANTH method course

One approved ANTH theory course

One advanced (3000/4000 level) elective in Sociology (SOCI)

6 hours of modern or classical languages

24 additional hours of approved ANTH electives

Summary:  40 hours, including ANTH 2307, 2322, and 2339; one approved ANTH course in Methods; one approved ANTH course in Theory; one advanced (3000/4000 level) SOCI elective; 6 hours of  modern or classical languages, and 24 additional hours of approved ANTH electives. Contact the department advisor for the list of approved courses for method, theory, and electives.

Additional University Requirements

UNIV 1131 STUDENT SUCCESS or UNIV 1101 STUDENT SUCCESS (for transfer students) which may also be met by completing ANTH 1200 PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES.

Additional elective hours sufficient to reach 120 total credit hours, with 36 advanced (3000/4000) hours; may include an optional minor.

Requirement for a Minor in Anthropology

The Anthropology minor (6 courses/18 hours total) can be fulfilled by successfully completing:

Select two of the following:     




Any other four ANTH courses, at least two of which must be at the advanced level (3000 or above)           

Questions about the Anthropology minor may be directed to the department advisor.