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This is an entry-level course that provides foundation-level social work students with the fundamental concepts of Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and the addictive process. Students will examine the prevalence and characteristics of substance use disorders and the impact of such disorders on the individual, family, and the community. Theories of addiction and application of these theories will be examined. Students will develop conceptual knowledge and self-awareness concerning the etiology of addiction, assessment strategies, and wellness strategies for facilitating optimal development and preventing SUD. The course will cover the prevalence of SUD varies among ethnic and cultural groups, between men and women, across the life span, and through different socio-economic levels. This course is taught as SOCW 3315 and SUT 3315. Credit will be granted only once.

Substance Use Treatment Minor

What:  The  Minor in Substance Use Treatment (SUT)  employs a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the biological, psychological, and social, aspects of substance misuse, gambling, and related behaviors.  Assessment and treatment methods are based on evidence-informed practices to enable students and future professionals to understand and treat individuals, families, groups, and communities.