Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers one undergraduate minor (18 hours) and certificate (15 hours) in Leadership. This Leadership Minor/Certificate program prepares students to be relational, ethical, and global leaders armed with the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution in the workplace, the communities in which they live, and throughout the world. The courses are designed to help students explore the dimensions of leadership so that they may engage in leadership that is constructive, purposeful, and oriented toward improving the human condition.

Required Courses
Elective Course
Select a course in each area:9
Global Issues
Field Experience (Travel/trip or Service Learning course)
Total Hours15

Admission Requirements

The 18-hour minor is open to all degree-seeking students. The 15-hour certificate is available to degree and non-degree-seeking students enrolled at UTA.

The Leadership Minor and Certificate program is a joint initiative between the Department of Educational Leadership and The Follett Student Leadership Center in the Division of Student Affairs. Program management and oversight will be shared by the Chair and Director of these two areas. Interested students should initiate a request for the preparation of their program by sending an email to the following contacts:

Dr. Mario Martinez, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
College of Education, 105B Trimble Hall
817-272-0149 -

Loretta Pequeno-Griffin, Director, The Leadership Center
E.H.Hereford University Center, Lower Level - Suite B160
817.272.9220 -

For information on graduate programs in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, see the Graduate Catalog.