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This course presents the major theories of aging, in the United States and across cultures, and explores the diverse factors of aging through the lens of intersectionality taking into account intersections of race, gender, sexuality, educational level and other aspects of identity. It includes various perspectives including psychological, biological, sociological, and spiritual. Students will examine current social and economic issues impacting older adults, such as aging & healthcare policy, living arrangements, caregiving, technology, and sexuality. Theories are integrated into practice thus providing students a sound foundation for social work practice with diverse older adults. Students who receive credit for this course in the undergraduate program (SOCW 4335) may not repeat the course at the Master's level (SOCW 5335). Prerequisite: SOCW 2302, SOCW 3301, and SOCW 3307.

Social Justice and Social Welfare Minor

...Dream SOCW 4314 Intimate Partner Violence SOCW 4366 Seminar in Gender Issues SOCW 4335 Aging...