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A comprehensive study of basic data analysis, focused on reasoning process of statistical investigations from asking question and collecting data to analyzing data and drawing inferences. Topics include exploratory data analysis, sampling, sampling distribution, estimation, hypothesis tests, regression, and ANOVA, with an emphasis on applications of these techniques using statistical software. Offered as MATH 3316 and STATS 3316; credit will be granted in only one department. Prerequisite: C or better in 6 hours from the following: MATH 1302, MATH 1308, MATH 1322, MATH 1323, MATH 1330, MATH 1331, MATH 1332, MATH 1402, MATH 1421, MATH 1426, MATH 2425, MATH 2326, MATH 3300, MATH 3307, MATH 3314, MATH 3319, or MATH 3330; HONR-SC 1426, HONR-SC 2425, or student group.