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Techniques for constructing proofs for various propositions. The propositions chosen exhibit properties of functions, relations, sets, cardinality, and other ideas in mathematics. An axiomatic approach to some areas in mathematics. Oral presentations of proofs are required. Prerequisite: Math major or math intended major. C or better in MATH 2425 or HONR-SC 2425, or student group.

Mathematics - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics. The Bachelor of Science degree may also be acquired with the explicit addition of one of these options: actuarial science, applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, data science, or secondary teaching pathway.

College of Business

...math requirement. (The CoB math requirement includes MATH...BSTAT 3321 and INSY 3300. Advising of New...