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Exploration of the concepts and methods that shape interior spaces. Introduction to information gathering, exploration of three-dimensional spatial relationships and integration of color, light, and materials. Basics of interior construction, building components and professional standards are introduced. Emphasis on concept development, diagramming, space planning and human-centered design as applied to design solutions. This course offered as INTD 2552 and ARCH 2552; credit will not be granted for both. Prerequisite: ARCH 2303, ARCH 2551, credit or concurrent enrollment in ARCH 2304 and INTD 2343. Restricted to Interior Design-intended and Architecture-intended majors.

Interior Design

Interior Design at UT Arlington focuses on the commercial, institutional, and large-project scale activities of the profession. The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a four-year professional program of studies. It is the only program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that offers a four-year professional Bachelor of Science in Interior Design within a School of Architecture. In the first two years of study, UT Arlington Interior Design students share courses with architectural students. As a result, graduates have an understanding of architecture that is valuable in working with project teams requiring collaboration across multiple disciplines. The program therefore differs from a non-professional interior decorating program.

Architecture - Undergraduate Programs

...upper-level ARCH or INTD courses: The student...passing ARCH 2551 , ARCH 2552 , ARCH 3553 , ARCH...