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An introduction to design, design drawing, and color theory utilizing lectures and studio exercises. Two- and three-dimensional studio exercises develop a sensibility to design fundamentals and vocabulary. Emphasis on form, color, texture, and spatial determinants. This course is offered as ARCH 2552 and INTD 2552, credit will not be granted for both. Prerequisite: ARCH 2303, ARCH 2551 and credit or concurrent enrollment in ARCH 2304. Restricted to Architecture-intended and Interior Design-intended majors.

Architecture - Undergraduate Programs

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree is a  four-year pre-professional degree program of studies comprising, with a later two-year graduate program, the six-year Master of Architecture curriculum. This sequence, called the 4 + 2 model , has been adopted by many major universities as the most effective way of combining liberal education with professional education. It provides the basis for various career possibilities, including the professional degree of Master of Architecture or the Master of Landscape Architecture ; these advanced degrees are normally awarded after two years of graduate study (refer to the graduate catalog for details).

Interior Design

...proficiency by taking and passing ARCH 2551 and INTD 2552 DESIGN STUDIO: INTERIOR DESIGN I...