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Integration of technical knowledge and skills with project planning, project execution, teamwork, and communication skills (written and oral) are utilized to begin the capstone design experience. Student teams are given a project description with requirements and constraints and they design, construct, and evaluate a technical solution to that meets them. It builds on electrical or electronic knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work while incorporating appropriate engineering standards. Project management techniques are applied in order to meet design specifications through the effective allocation of team resources, scheduling, and budgetary planning. By the end of this course, students are expected to deliver a final project design that is ready to be built and experimentally tested in the second semester 4149 course. Must be taken in the semester prior to EE 4149. An EE Proficiency Test is administered during the class. Prerequisite: Must be in the professional EE program and grade of C or better in each of the following: COMS 2302, EE 3240, EE 3314, EE 3318, EE 3330, and EE 3407. Co-requisite ECON 2305.