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This is an interdisciplinary course between astrophysics, biology and geology. Topics include basic properties of life, habitability of Earth, studies of possible life regarding Mars, Europa & Titan, space missions, exoplanets and exomoons, stellar habitable zones, multistellar systems, exoEarths, biomarkers, SETI, Fermi paradox, Drake equation, cosmology. Offered as BIOL 3358, GEOL 3358, and PHYS 3358; credit will be granted only once. Prerequisite: PHYS 1441 & PHYS 1442 or equivalent and PHYS 2315 or PHYS 3315, or permission from instructor. Prerequisites for Biology majors: PHYS 1441 & PHYS 1442 or equivalent. Note that Astrobiology I is strongly recommended to students to be taken prior to Astrobiology II, but is not a prerequisite.