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Basic concepts in probability, random variables, probability distributions, functions of random variables, moment generating functions, central limit theorem and its role in statistics, joint probability functions and joint probability density functions, joint cumulative distribution functions, conditional and marginal probability distributions, covariance and correlation coefficients, transformation and order statistics. Offered as MATH 3313 and STATS 3313; credit will be granted in only one department. Prerequisite: C or better in MATH 2326, or student group.

Mathematics - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics. The Bachelor of Science degree may also be acquired with the explicit addition of one of these options: actuarial science, applied mathematics, pure mathematics, statistics, data science, or secondary teaching certification.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

...will also be examine. Prerequisite: CSE 2320, MATH 3313. CSE 5368. NEURAL NETWORKS. 3 Hours...

Economics - Undergraduate Programs their program. Additional math courses are encouraged...should include Industrial ECON 3313 , and ECON 4311...

Kinesiology - Undergraduate Programs

...History, Biology/Life Science, Math, Modern Language, Health...Coaching Invasion Games KINE 3313 Coaching Net/Wall...