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Provides the physiology background necessary for an understanding of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on the body. Physiological concepts and their relationship to exercise, sport, and health programs are examined. Laboratory experiences are designed for evaluating physiological responses to exercise. Course credit may not be granted for both KINE 3315 and KINE 3415. Prerequisite: Restricted to Kinesiology, Athletic Training and Exercise Science Majors. KINE 1300, KINE 1100, BIOL 2457, BIOL 2458, and MATH 1302 required.

Kinesiology - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Kinesiology is committed to providing quality educational programs that emphasize scientific theory, hands-on learning in the laboratory setting and real-world application through clinical internships and other field-based experiences. The faculty's vast teaching experience and research expertise provide rich learning experiences across all of the department's academic programs.