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Statistical methods designed to prepare graduate students to become competent producers and consumers of data analyses and to use statistical thinking to approach managerial decision making. Students should be familiar with the effectiveness and limitations of various applicable techniques and should be able to recognize when additional statistical expertise is required. Topics include an introduction to evidenced based medicine, probability with an emphasis on the poor predictive value of imperfect diagnostics for rare conditions, standardizing and trending data, graphic and numeric descriptions of data, concepts of inference such as margins of error and significance of results, concepts of quality control including time series analysis and forecasting, and health care applications of discrete random variables with Poisson or binomial probability mass functions. It is recommended that students who have no recent courses in statistics take BSTAT 5301 prior to HCAD 5315.

Health Care Administration - Graduate Programs

*Degree Requirements -Total Hours 45 -HCAD 5340 Strategic Human Capital, prerequisite HCAD 5337. -HCAD 5380 Data Analytics, prerequisite HCAD 5315. *Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Health Care Administration. -Please remove option.