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Introduces students to the profession of English Studies at the college level. Teaches student success skills that will assist new students in their transition to college. Helps students identify their individual needs, determine what resources are appropriate to address those needs, recognize the role faculty play in their development, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience from campus to career. Will be taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALS) and faculty, staff, and/or graduate students, who will provide guidance, raise awareness and understanding of the English and English with Teaching Certification majors and related minors, and help support collaborative and co-curricular opportunities available within the College of Liberal Arts. Reserved exclusively for students planning to major in the English BA or English BA with Teacher Certification degree tracks. Fulfills the University requirement for UNIV 1131.

English - Undergraduate Programs

By majoring in English, students are involved simultaneously with two activities that are essentially and uniquely human: language and art. The mission of the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts at UT Arlington is to educate students about the powers and pleasures of literary and other kinds of language.