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Advanced course in design of microcontroller-based systems. Emphasis is on the application of microcontrollers to real-time problems. Topics include the study of the differences in bare metal and embedded Linux implementations, developing applications including PID controllers, and system aspects such as bootloader design and watchdog supervision. Prerequisite: Admitted into an Engineering Professional Program. C or better in each of the following: CSE 3323, CSE 3442, and CSE 3313.

Computer Science and Engineering - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers three programs of study leading to the bachelor's degree: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.

Modern Languages - Undergraduate Programs

...SPAN 4342 .SPAN 3340, 4341 and 4342 use by: passing CSE 1301 (or equivalent...