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Examines models for presentation and processing of digital signals. Sampling theorem, correlation and convolution, time and frequency analysis of linear systems, Fourier transform, Z-transform, design of digital filters structures for discrete time systems. Prerequisite: C or better in each of the following: CSE 3318 and either CSE 3380 or MATH 3330.

Computer Science and Engineering - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers three programs of study leading to the bachelor's degree: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

...will also be examine. Prerequisite: CSE 2320, MATH 3313. CSE 5368. NEURAL NETWORKS. 3 Hours...

Mathematics - Undergraduate Programs

...COMPUTERS & PROGRAMMING , CSE 1311 , CSE 1320 , CSE 1325...of Actuaries.) 5 MATH 3313 and MATH 4312...

Modern Languages - Undergraduate Programs use by: passing CSE 1301 (or German including GERM 3313 and GERM 3316...