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Design and analysis of algorithms with an emphasis on data structures. Approaches to analyzing lower bounds on problems and upper bounds on algorithms. Classical algorithm design techniques including algorithms for sorting, searching, and other operations on data structures such as hash tables, trees, graphs, strings, and advanced data structures, dynamic programming and greedy approaches. Prerequisite: CSE 1320 and CSE 2315.

Computer Science and Engineering - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers three programs of study leading to the bachelor's degree: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.

Mathematics - Undergraduate Programs

...COMPUTERS & PROGRAMMING , CSE 1311 , CSE 1320 , CSE 1325...and BSIE majors MATH 3318 and MATH 3319...

Modern Languages - Undergraduate Programs use by: passing CSE 1301 (or equivalent...3313 , GERM 3316 , GERM 3318 , GERM 4322 Four...