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Propositional and predicate logic, mathematical proof techniques, sets, combinatorics, functions and relations, graphs, and graph algorithms. Prerequisites: C or better in CSE 1310 and MATH 1426 (or C or better in or concurrent enrollment in MATH 2425) and C or better in ENGR 1250 or ENGR 1251 (or concurrent enrollment).

Computer Science and Engineering - Graduate Programs

The purpose of the graduate programs in Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering (CpE) is to facilitate the student's continued professional and scholarly development. The Master of Science (M.S.) programs are designed to extend the student's knowledge and emphasize a particular area of concentration. The Master of Software Engineering (SwE.) program is designed to provide the student with the opportunity for professional development in the software engineering field. Students who have completed a bachelor's degree in CS, CpE or closely related fields wishing to pursue a doctoral degree may apply for admission in the B.S. to Ph.D. track. The admission requirements to this highly competitive track are the same as those for "advanced admission" (see B.S. to Ph.D. Accelerated Programs). The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs are designed to prepare the student to conduct research and development in an area of concentration.

Modern Languages - Undergraduate Programs use by: passing CSE 1301 (or equivalent...the exception of SPAN 2315 . Bachelor of Arts...