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(AS 2121 in the fall and 2122 in the spring): A survey course designed to provide a basic understanding of both leadership and team building fundamentals. In this course, students will apply learned leadership perspectives while completing team building activities and discussing various leadership topics (i.e., conflict management, motivation, ethical decision-making, etc.). Additionally, students will be introduced to, and practice, basic verbal and written communication skills to develop effective thinking, writing, and speaking proficiencies. Students are taught from the beginning that there are many layers to leadership, including aspects that are not typically associated with these topics. Such aspects include listening, self-assessment/self-reflection, being a good follower, and problem solving efficiently. As a whole, this course provides the student with a knowledge level understanding of the general elements of leader development and effective teamwork. Furthermore, students will continue to discuss the importance of the Air Force Core Values with the use of operational examples and historical Air Force leaders. Leadership Laboratory (AS 1001) is mandatory for Air Force ROTC cadets and complements this course by providing cadets with followership experiences.