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SOCW 5318. DEATH & DYING. 3 Hours.

This course will give students an overview of the principles of thanatology from anthropological, sociological, psychological, medical, historical, spiritual, cultural, and political perspectives and the role(s) that social work can play in helping individuals, families, and communities from diverse backgrounds. Using life course and life span approaches, course content will include personal death awareness, the integration of theoretical perspectives and evidence-based practice interventions in working with dying, death, and bereavement with emphasis on cultural and religious/spiritual perspectives, bioethical principles, and end-of-life decision making, social justice, and advocacy for the dying. Particular attention is given to the intersections of older adults with gender, race, sexuality, age, education level, and other aspects of identity. Therefore, the class content promotes individual self-reflection and discussion through the lens of diversity and intersectionality across the developmental life span and life course about the meaning of life and death and implications for social work practice. This dialog is a precursor to engagement with clients, caregivers, grieving persons, and health care personnel about sensitive and culturally diverse issues around the experience of dying and death. Co-requisite: 5311. Please note that if the co-requisite is dropped, this course will be dropped as well.