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SOCI 5698. THESIS. 6 Hours.

Substantial original empirical or theoretical research project on a sociological topic of individual interest. The topic and scope of the written project must be approved by the final thesis committee, which is composed of three graduate faculty members. A proposal defense and a final oral defense of the project is required.

Sociology - Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts program in sociology is designed to provide students with a firm substantive background in sociological theory and in the techniques of contemporary research methodology and statistical analyses. In addition to these core concerns, the program offers a variety of seminars, as well as practicum opportunities, to help prepare students for a wide range of professional careers in both the private and public sectors or continued graduate education at the Ph.D. level. Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships in Sociology Graduate teaching and research assistantships and other forms of financial support will be awarded on a competitive basis. In addition to performance in any graduate courses the student may have taken, the same criteria used to determine admission status will be used in evaluating applications for such awards. No single factor, including standardized test scores, will be used to end consideration of any graduate assistantships.