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Independent research under the supervision of an individual faculty member; may be repeated for credit with consent of Graduate Advisor. Graded Pass/Fail. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.

Psychology - Graduate Programs

The objective of graduate work in psychology is to educate the student in the methods and basic content of the discipline and to provide an apprenticeship in the execution of creative research. Graduate work in the master's program and doctoral program will be offered in psychology. Students' individual programs of work may be arranged to give emphasis to a particular aspect of the general program. Within this framework, options include, but are not limited to: Animal Behavior and Animal Learning, Cognition and Perception, Developmental, Health Psychology and Neuroscience, Industrial/Organizational, Behavioral Neuroscience, Social-Personality Psychology, and Learning Analytics. Students specializing in Cognition and Perception may include advanced topical seminars in their area of specialty. In addition to core courses for those interested in Behavioral Neuroscience, seminars offered in the recent past include Aggression and Nociception. For those seeking expertise in the Social-Personality area, seminars have included topics such as Social Influence and Empathetic Accuracy and Intersubjectivity. Research Involvement -Since the Department of Psychology believes that graduate training should involve the student continuously in the research process, students are encouraged to make personal contacts by letter or e-mail with faculty members of their choice. A description of the faculty and their areas of research may be obtained by consulting the department Web page at or by writing to or calling the department at 817.272.2281. Every effort will be made to assign the incoming student to a faculty member of choice, but priority is given to those who have discussed their placement in advance. Deadline for Financial Aid Applications -Students who wish to be considered for assistantships should have their applications and departmental forms sent to The University of Texas at Arlington by December 15 for the fall Semester.