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Theories, concepts, and methods that dominate modern comparative political analysis. The state of the discipline and controversies in the comparative method are evaluated.

Political Science - Graduate Programs

The program leading to a Master of Arts degree in Political Science emphasizes a variety of skills in preparation for many different types of employment. Students develop the ability to conduct research and critically analyze complex information, understand decision-making processes, present their findings and conclusions in a succinct and easily-understood manner, think creatively to resolve problems and concerns, and communicate information clearly. These skills are considered valuable in a wide range of jobs and careers, including in: the private sector, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, education, government, research and policy analysis, media, and international affairs. In addition, the Political Science MA is often used as a stepping stone for enrollment in business and law degrees. Finally, the Department of Political Science also endeavors to equip students with the research techniques and substantive background for coursework undertaken beyond the master’s level.