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Intended to enhance readiness for professional work through exposure to planning practice in a one semester log internship (300 hrs in the spring or fall semester or 275 hrs in the summer). Integrates work experience and coursework through journaling and reflective practice. Requirements: (1)student secures an internship from a planning related employer and approval from the student's major professor prior to enrolling in the course;(2)the intern must provide performance evaluation by the job supervisor and the intern's evaluation of the internship experience. Enrollment open to students with no previous formal planning experience. Credit not available for previous internship or planning experience. P/F grade.

Business Administration - Graduate Programs

...5368) Operations Management* (OPMA 5361) Dual Degree Option...offers a lock-step, planned curriculum in an...

Computer Science and Engineering - Graduate Programs

...representation, search, theorem proving, planning, natural language examined. Prerequisite: CSE 5361, or CSE 5300...