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A practical study of the technical and expressive skills required of choral conductors, as well as the development of score study techniques and error detection skills necessary to successfully conduct choral ensembles. Open to music majors only. Prerequisites: C or better in MUSI 2186, MUSI 2326 and successful completion of the Sophomore Proficiency Exam.

Music - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Music degree (1) in preparation for E.C -12  teacher certification; (2) in Performance (woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, strings, or voice); (3) in Theory; (4) in Composition; (5) in Jazz Studies; (6) in Music/Business; and (7)  in Audio Production and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Industry Studies. Music students must meet all the requirements of one of these specializations to receive the Bachelor of Music degree. All degree plans leading to a Bachelor of Music degree include offerings which provide a solid foundation in music theory, history, and literature and require a concentration in a specific instrument/voice. The music department also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Studies that requires the student to meet all of the requirements for that specialization.