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Methods of Modern Language Teaching is an applied linguistics course for modern language professionals, focusing on the application of research and theory in linguistics and second language acquisition to the classroom setting. May include specific methods, language learning strategies, cooperative language learning, component and performance skills, and intercultural communication.

Modern Languages - Graduate Program

Graduate programs in modern languages are designed to enhance students' competence in the language and literature of their major language field. Specific objectives are to prepare students for a career in teaching or in any area in private or public life in which knowledge of a modern language is essential and to help them develop the techniques of independent research necessary for work beyond the master's level. Fellowships Fellowships, when available, will be awarded on a competitive basis. Nominees for the Graduate School Master's Fellowship in Modern Languages will be selected based on the following criteria: Candidates must be new students entering in the fall semester, with a minimum of 6 hours of enrollment in both long semesters to retain their fellowships. The minimum undergraduate GPA requirement is 3.0, as calculated by the Graduate School, plus as GPA of 3.0 for any graduate credit hours. Transcript of a completed bachelor's degree in French or Spanish (or appropriate related field) from an accredited institution. Three letters of recommendation. A written statement explaining the applicant's reasons for graduate study in Spanish. Teaching Assistantships Teaching assistantships are available for graduate students in the Department of Modern Languages. Graduate students who obtain teaching assistantships are urged to take MODL 5305 .