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A practical laboratory of applied leadership and skills. Student-planned, -organized and -conducted training, oriented toward leadership development. Laboratory topics include marksmanship, small unit tactics, multi-tiered programs focused on individual skill levels. Uniform and equipment provided. Concurrent enrollment in appropriate Military Science course (MILS 1141, MILS 1142, MILS 2251, MILS 2252, MILS 3341, MILS 3342, MILS 4341, MILS 4342, MILS 2291 and/or MILS 4391) required. Prerequisite: permission from the Professor of Military Science (PMS). May be repeated for credit.

Military Science - Undergraduate Program

The ROTC program at The University of Texas at Arlington offers a unique opportunity for quality students to assess and develop their leadership skills. A wide variety of settings are provided to expose students to the styles, techniques, and tools of leadership. It also develops college-educated officers for the active Army and the reserve components (U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard). This affords the student the opportunity to pursue either a civilian or a military career after completing college.