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The purpose of this course is to present UTeach students with the tools scientists use to solve scientific problems. These tools enable scientists to develop new knowledge and insights, the most important of which are eventually presented in textbooks and taught in more conventional science classes. These tools include: design of experiments to answer scientific questions; use of statistics to interpret experimental results and deal with sampling errors; mathematical modeling of scientific phenomena; finding and reading articles in the current scientific literature; applying scientific arguments in matters of social importance; writing scientific papers; reviewing scientific papers; oral presentation of scientific work; use of probes and computers to gather and analyze data; ethical treatment of human subjects; laboratory safety. Research Methods is primarily a laboratory course, and most of these topics are developed in connection with four independent inquiries UTeach students design and carry out. Written inquiries will be evaluated as examples of scientific writing. Prerequisite: C or better in SCIE 1201 or SCIE 1334, or concurrent enrollment; and junior or senior standing.