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Focuses on literary works in the form of audiobooks and podcasts. These increasingly popular and influential forms invite us to consider how the longstanding traditions of oral storytelling and performance are sustained and reimagined through new media. Whether written works of literature that are adapted to audio formats, in the case of audiobooks, or original audio productions, in the case of short- and longform fiction podcasts, this body of literature demands new interpretive strategies. In this course, we explore how listening to literature compares to reading literature, including learning and applying the analytical method of critical listening or close listening. Moreover, students will learn the skills of making audiobooks or podcasts, in order to produce their own audio interpretations or performances of literary texts. Prerequisite: English majors must have earned a C or better in ENGL 3350 or must be concurrently enrolled in ENGL 3350. Non-majors must have earned a C or better in ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302.