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Concentrates on how cultural, geographic, and political issues shape and are shaped by American literature. Topics may include the struggle to discover a national identity, the transition from war to postwar periods, or the tensions of a multicultural society; the course may also be structured as a chronological survey. Examines at least three genres and six authors. Emphasizes critical thinking, reading, and writing. Satisfies the University of Texas at Arlington core curriculum requirement in Language, Philosophy, and Culture. Prerequisites: C or better in ENGL 1301.

English - Undergraduate Programs

By majoring in English, students are involved simultaneously with two activities that are essentially and uniquely human: language and art. The mission of the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts at UT Arlington is to educate students about the powers and pleasures of literary and other kinds of language.

Linguistics - Graduate Programs

...English composition ( ENGL 1302 ) A course on English-language literature ( ENGL 2319 , ENGL 2329 ) The...