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Layered approach to data communications and networking will be presented. Network models such as TCP/IP and OSI will be introduced. Protocols and technologies related to each layer will be studied in depth. For physical layer, analog and digital signaling, modulation, bandwidth, multiplexing as well as line and block coding techniques. For data link layer, various MAC layer protocols involving multiple access, error detection (CRC), wired (Ethernet) versus wireless (Wi-Fi) LANs, switching. For network layer, internet protocol (IP) and routing principle. Underlying technologies learned from this course are applicable to wide range of traditional and current data communication protocols. Performance analysis of well-known protocols using probabilistic model will also be studied.

Computer Science and Engineering - Graduate Programs

...imagery. Prerequisites CSE 5301, or 5360, or EE 5356, or EE 5357, or CSE 5300...