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Theories of optimal feature extraction for statistical pattern recognition. Feature extraction using transform based methods, convolutional and other block based approaches. The relationships of Bayes discriminants to neural net, nearest neighbor, SVM, and deep classifiers. Sensor fusion in conventional and convolutional systems. Feature selection using transformation and subsetting approaches.

Electrical Engineering - Graduate Programs

The course offerings provide the student with an opportunity to broaden as well as to intensify his or her knowledge in a number of areas of electrical engineering. The student, with the aid of a faculty adviser, may plan a program in any one of a number of fields of specialization within electrical engineering or from the offerings of related departments in science and engineering.

Computer Science and Engineering - Graduate Programs

...CSE 5301, or 5360, or EE 5356, or EE 5357, or CSE 5300, or consent...

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs EE 6358. Prerequisite: CSE 5301 or CSE 5360 or EE 5356 or EE 5357...