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Principles of intelligent control including adaptive, learning, and self-organizing systems. Neural networks and fuzzy logic systems for feedback control. Mobile robots. Discrete event systems and decision-making supervisory control systems. Manufacturing work-cell control. Advanced sensor processing including Kalman filtering and sensor fusion. A prior introductory systems course, such as EE 5307, is desirable.

Electrical Engineering - Graduate Programs

The course offerings provide the student with an opportunity to broaden as well as to intensify his or her knowledge in a number of areas of electrical engineering. The student, with the aid of a faculty adviser, may plan a program in any one of a number of fields of specialization within electrical engineering or from the offerings of related departments in science and engineering.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

...5360 or EE 5356 or EE 5357, and...Prerequisite: graduate standing. IE 5322. SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION...