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EE 2315. CIRCUIT ANALYSIS I. 3 Hours. (TCCN = ENGR 2305)

This course covers fundamental concepts and applications in manipulating voltage and current using passive and active circuit elements. Circuit models for passive (lumped) elements (resistor, capacitor, and inductor); independent and dependent sources; switches and active elements (diode and transistor). Circuit topology, governing laws (KCL and KVL), and node and mesh analysis methods. Time-varying and time-harmonic analyses of 1st order and 2nd order passive circuits. Steady-state alternating-current (AC) phasor analysis. Frequency domain analysis and Bode plots. Properties and applications of diode and transistor. Rectifier and switches. Higher level abstractions: Thevenin and Norton equivalents, and op-amps. Properties and applications of op-amps. Computer-assisted circuit analysis and design. Prerequisite: Grade C or better in each of the following: EE 1106, MATH 2425, MATH 3319 (or concurrent enrollment) and PHYS 1444 (or concurrent enrollment).