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Informing business and economic decision-making with intermediate-level tools of business analytics. Topics can include the quality and representativeness of data; conditional probability; statistical independence; business applications of discrete and continuous probability distributions at the intermediate level; multiple-population inference; non-parametric methods; and intermediate regression analysis. Both spreadsheet and statistical software are used to conduct analyses throughout the course. Prerequisite: MATH 1308 or BSTAT 2305.

Information Systems and Operations Management - Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Information Systems and Operations Management offers the BBA in Information Systems, the BBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management, the BS in Business Analytics, the BS in Information Systems, and minors in Business Analytics and Information Systems.  Students develop generalized business knowledge as well as specialized skills for addressing technical and operations needs of an organization.   Students are prepared for a variety of jobs including business analyst, programmer/developer, systems designer, supply chain management, and operations process and control.

College of Business

...earn a B or better in both BSTAT 3321 and INSY 3300. Advising of New...