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BE 4345. BIOSENSORS. 3 Hours.

The course will cover major classes of bio-sensing technologies currently used in practice and the emerging ones that are currently being evaluated. The basic operating principle behind bio-sensing technologies will be explained and its implementation in medical devices will be discussed. Explanation of biosensor operation will involve understanding the mechanism of bio-signal transduction (bio-parameter to biomechanical, electrical, optical or chemical signal), detection method, and their analysis. Methodology for device calibration and data interpretation of physiological parameters will be discussed. The course material will be derived from book chapters and review papers. Course includes hand-on learning experience in laboratory by deconstructing commercially available biosensors and using experimental bio-sensing instruments. Students will be required to design and implement a point-of-care biosensor. Preferred background: satisfactory completion of EE 2440 or CSE 2440. Prerequisite: Accepted into the BE Professional Program or consent of the BE undergraduate advisor.